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🐻 JSHeroes - The tech conference I’m looking forward to this year

Last year I attended my first in-person tech conference, JSHereos in Cluj, Romania. It was an experience that exceeded all my expectations. I left with valuable insights and knowledge to improve my skills, while at the same time connected with other professionals in the industry.

10+ would recommend this conference which is why I’m planning to return this year.

One cool thing about JSHeroes is that the event is community-driven. They share their finances in yearly reports, and they’re not all about making money. Also, sponsors don’t automatically get to speak, so you won’t feel like every talk is trying to sell you something.

JSHeroes 2023 picture from stage

JSHeroes 2023 crowd picture

Here are some things I loved about the conference:

  • community-driven - organizers and volunteers are very nice and incredibly welcoming and approachable.
  • thoughtful content creation - the conference's content flows naturally over the course of two days. Each talk connects with the ones before it, making the whole experience feel like a story coming together.
  • authentic 🇷🇴 Romanian vibes - from the intro music of each talk, to the charming bear mascot, to food and to illustrations there is a Romanian touch to this conference that makes it special.
  • extra events - such as a free walking tour of Cluj and a Women In Tech meetup before the conference. Great networking opportunities, ideal for introverts as there are less people.
  • the amount of diverse speakers 🤩
  • effective communication - besides email they also used Slack to communicate and keep us updated, this made it easy to ask for help, contact with speakers or meet with others.
  • awesome catering including lunch as part of the ticket - the Romanian morning pastries were yummi.
  • balanced number of attendees - not too big, not too small in terms of attendees which made engaging with others easier.
  • coffee breaks that include roastery coffee - for the speciality coffee lover in me this made me super happy ❤️
  • engaging talks focusing on a wide range of topics around JavaScript and web development - all talks are recorded and published on YouTube. These 2 are my favorites from last year: Visualised guide to memory management in JavaScript - Kateryna Porshnieva and Building Offline and Real-Time Applications - The Magic of CRDTs - Matan Kushner
  • well organized, detail-oriented, the little things - having attended poorly organized events I cannot stress how big of a difference this made.

Ok, I really liked the conference 🙈 If you’re into JavaScript, this conference is a must-attend!

Hope to see you there in May 🐻🇷🇴✨

JSHeroes 2023 coffee break

JSHeroes 2023 crowd picture 2

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