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🧠 Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte - Book Notes

Goodreads: Building a Second Brain ⛰ What It's About A great book I highly recommend to everyone. It discusses how to take notes, organize them, and start using them to clear up headspace and overcome the fear of ideas getting lost. The idea of sharing…

🌄 Engineering Management for the Rest of Us by Sarah Drasner - Book Notes

Goodreads: Engineering Management for the Rest of Us ⛰ What It's About A book that provides leadership tools and ideas on how to lead as an engineering manager Talks about thoughtful leadership . Sarah Drasner shares lessons she learned while moving into a…

🎾 The Inner Game Of Tennis by Timothy Gallwey - Book Notes

Goodreads: Inner Game of Tennis ⛰ What It's About Insightful: Mental techniques and strategies for improving focus, concentration, and overall mental toughness especially when playing elite sport. Simple: Short and to the point book discussing Sports…

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