Stefi Rosca

👩‍💻 Frontend Developer, 🌍 traveler and⛷️ Skier

Recurse Center Alumn

Hey people 👋

My name is Stefi. I am a speciality coffee lover, skier, traveler, occasional longboard skater and someone who might spend way too much time watching YouTube videos.

I come from Romania, Brasov and currently, I live in Spain, Barcelona. I'm quite introverted and I used think a lot about switching to tech.

My engineering journey started two years ago. Although I didn’t pursue a computer science degree, I’ve naturally found my way to it. I’ve participated, hosted and presented at various tech meetups in Barcelona. For example, I've organized study sessions for the Facebook Developer Circle in Barcelona and in December 2019 I spoke ​at ​ ​QueerJS​ in Paris about The importance of community when transitioning to tech.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching educational and entertainment content on YouTube, reading, spending time with friends, and when restrictions allow, independent and adventurous travel!


“Testing -never, never for me- at the codebar Festival 2021” at the codebar Festival

Remote, March 2021

“The Importance Of Having A Tribe While Transitioning Into Tech” at QueerJS​

Paris, December 2020

Podcast - "How to market yourself as a developer according to a marketer" on the Scrimba Podcast

February 2022

Podcast - "The importance of learning in public" at Anybodycancode

May 2021


Below are some projects I've done. Find more on my Github profile.

Ski With Me

Full Stack App build with React Hooks, Express, MySQL.

An app that could help connect skiers/snowboarders with each other so they can go to ski/snowboard.

screenshot from the Ski With Me webappSee the code

Wake Up And Fly

React, JavaScript, Express, API's: HereMaps and Flightstats

A web app that tells a user what time to wake up to catch a specific flight based on their location.

screenshot from the wake up and fly webappCheck it out!

Travel Blog

Static site created with GatsbyJS

Personal travel blog created to share tips and tricks with other fellow travelers.

screenshot of travel blogCheck it out
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